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A Local Nature Reserve and Community Green Flag Award Winner


The source of the Ebbw Fach River is the Lower Boat Pond at Beaufort Hill Woodlands.

The site lies approximately 1300 – 1350 feet above sea level and comprises 81 hectares of open space situated north of Beaufort and to the south of the A465 Heads of

the Valleys Road between Ebbw Vale and Brynmawr. Most of the site was created as a land reclamation scheme on an area of former opencast mine workings.
The site as a whole is of great biodiversity value supporting a mosaic of habitats such as acid grasslands, hay meadows, wet heath mire, swamp and open water.
The two former reservoirs known as Upper Boat and Lower Boat Ponds and the mire and swamp communities surround them are particularly important.
Part of the site also includes Mynydd Llangattock Common which is important for notable species such as snipe and breeding lapwing. It is also a valuable site for the local community and popular for walking, angling, bird watching and other forms of informal recreation.

The site is adjacent to the moorland tops of the Llangattock and Llangynidr mountains on which there is little shelter and harsh winter conditions. The mountains are within the Brecon Beacons National Park although the site itself is not within the Park’s boundaries.
Two ponds are adjacent to the woodland area.These ponds are linked to the early days of the industrial revolution.
A map dated 1880 shows the existence of the ponds which were built to supply water down to the Nantyglo Ironworks’approximately 2 miles distant. The ironworks were built in 1780.

After the closure of the Nantyglo Works,water was diverted to supply a new works being built in Ebbw Vale.
In 1937,when the new Richard Thomas and Baldwins Steelworks opened in Ebbw Vale,a new reservoir was constructed at nearby Blaen-Y- Cwm and the ponds were kept full by water being released from this reservoir.
Since the closure of the Corus steelworks at Ebbw Vale in 2002, the reservoir has been acquired by Welsh Water and the ponds now rely entirely on their own small water catchment area.

Highlands Road Entrance

There are three car parking spaces , two for disabled visitors.

Bottom of Little Lane

There are six car parking spaces, four for disabled visitors.

Recent images from Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands


To get directions to the main entrance at Highland Road, please use the GOOGLE Map to the right, and click on  -" View larger map"

Use the Post Code NP23 5RG and this will take you to the Highlands Road Entrance Car Park



Drone view of part of the Ponds and Woodlands site, Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands taken in September 2018 


The image is copyrighted and reproduced courtesy of Richard Whitcombe plus reproduced with his permission.

Please click on image to enlarge.

Aerial View Sept 2018.jpg

To find out more about Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands, please visit their website, clicking on the logo, also on their Facebook & Twitter pages

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