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Barbara                                                                                                                                               31st March 2015

Discover this trail a few weeks ago thought it was excellent so planning to cycle it again this weekend with a load of friends.

I found your website very useful.




Moira Thomson                                                                                                                        29th September 2013

I tried to walk the trail from Llanhilleth, but was unable to find the start so I ended up following roads and cycle routes till we got to Abertillery. We then found some route markers but these were haphazard and again we resorted to cycle trails. It was annoying to find four or five route markers over 20 yards then nothing for a mile.

I would like to finish the trail but would be happier doing it if there were better markers or a better route map.


Stuart Copping                                                                                                                           28th February 2013

My mother was born in Bedwellty in 1912, the year her father was killed in the war.  He was Sjt Robert Charles Jones of the Monmouthshire Regiment.  I have many vivid memories of Abertillery when I was a youngster.  My step-Grandad was the 'Parky' in Abertillery (Pop Snellgrove). It was a matter of considerable "Civic" pride to have such a lovely park.  The bowling green was always perfect!  The river was black with the coal dust, the buckets from the pits were constant in their delivery of waste from the mines, tipped onto the tips on the mountain.  Do you remember them?  We used to pick through to find any good coal for my Grandad's greenhouse.  The coal trains were of huge fascination to us kids--many dozens of huge trucks in every train--sometimes with three engines on each train as is was a steep drop to Severn Tunnel Junction.  My Uncle Ivor worked in the pit with several other relatives.  It was a really hard life for them, awful by any standards.  The tin works were almost as bad, foul air and dreadful working conditions.  It is really is so nice to see the area looking a bit more as it should.  Everybody, there should pat themselves on the back for the wonderful transformation.  Keep it up, get it even better!  Well done.


John C. Oswald                                                                                                                                     24th July 2012

The pictures are beautiful and a real treasure for me to view the birthplace of my great grandfather Daniel Powell, b January 10, 1853, in Blaina, Monmouthshire South Wales (son of John Powell and Elizabeth Williams of Carmarthenshire) Daniel emigrated to New York on July 30, 1867, then to Dunmore Pennsylvania/Lackawanna County.  Enjoyed the web site.


Lorna Galvan                                                                                                                                  11th January 2012

The pictures are beautiful how different the area looks now to how it looked when I grew up in Six Bells in the '30s and '40s.   So much greenery! It must have taken so much work to restore such large areas, it is hard to believe its the place I once knew so well.

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