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Brynithel Activities Group

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Brynithel Welfare & Community Centre

The following information was supplied by May Sweet of the B.A.G.  When it was formed in 2008

Aims of the Brynithel Activities Group

To raise funds and access funding that is available for Community Projects and Events.

To represent all community groups and sectors of the community.

To promote equal choices and opportunities which will encourage community involvement.

To encourage and take part in planning leisure, community events and projects which will be open to all the community.


Membership is open to every person living in the community ages 16 and over.

Members will be invited to attend meetings and vote at the annual general meeting.

Members are encouraged to take part in organised projects and events.

Members will be able to demonstrate a vested interest within their community and group.

Members will be sought on the basis of their commitment to the group and it's aims.

Responsibility for financial records and accounts will lie with the treasurer, spending will be monitored by the committee.

Members will need to attend committee skills training.

Purpose of the group.

The main purpose of BAG is to raise money to support projects and improve the community in which we live.

The inaugural meeting was held on the 4th August 2008.  We have been encouraged and supported by NCH, Communities First, Tidy Towns (Keep Wales Tidy), Heads 4 Arts, BTCV and B.G.C.B.C.

During the last year we've arranged:

Three litter picks (February, May and August), connected to these (for people taking part in the litter picks) have been :-

Free cinema trip

Free admission to the Night Out Scheme

Free trip to Swansea

We are also planning another litter pick during the October half term and this will also be linked to another Night Out Scheme being run in late  November.


We have supported financially:

1.  The Penygraig Project - planting on the verge.

2.  The Garden Project Community Centre, which included removing unwanted bushes, replacing fences and planting perennial plants.

Both these projects are ongoing with additional work being carried out at the bottom end of the verge at Penygraig Terrace to clear it of brambles etc.


BAG has obtained funding for free dance classes for children and these are being held every Friday afternoon.  These classes are being arranged by FFIN Dance of Abertillery and they will run for the 40 weeks.


We are hoping to be able to get funding to make the old park behind the Community Centre usable for the community.  We also hope to introduce the 'Time Spent Scheme' where people will be rewarded for the effort they make to community projects.  We are also involved in a Craft Class which takes place every Wednesday afternoon.  The idea of the class is to make items to sell to make money for the Community Centre and the BAG group.


We have been supported by our local councillors Mike Bartlett and Den Hughes and the local police force have also been extremely supportive.  Our Community Police Officers Kay Mosely and Louri Jones have been involved with the group from the beginning, even though they don't live in the area.  Everyone makes a contribution where and when they can and hopefully we will go from strength to strength.


Brynithel is a beautiful place to live, and we hope the community will be very proud of this area of Blaenau Gwent.   

Our first litter pick in February 2009. 

The garden area behind the community centre and the penygraig verge befire the makeover.

The garden area behind the community centre and the Penygraig verge after the makeover.

2015 - New fencing paths and tree planting

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